123cm Multi Level Cat Scratching Post - Grey

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Cat Scratch Tree 123CM Grey

Your ever active cat needs a place to let it be itself. And the Cat Scratch Tree is just the perfect thing to cater to your feline friend's natural instincts.

Designed with steps for more cat-exercise, the 123m tall Scratch Tree features multiple platforms of various heights to allow your pet to jump, hop, skip, scratch, rest and nap to its heart's content. And as for its claws maintenance, the fully wrapped 7.5cm thick sisal covered poles are ideal for your pet to practice her daily regime of keeping its claws in good shape. Besides, it also helps to keep your pet off your expensive furniture too.

Made from E1 standard board and natural sisal, the entire unit is both pet and eco-friendly with durable and long lasting qualities. Best of all, the Scratch Tree with Steps is upholstered with a plush velvety surface for extra comfort and style.

Your feline companion may have nine lives, but it should also be able to live to its fullest measure time and again. Get your Cat Scratch Tree with Steps today.

* 123cm tall cat tree
* E1 standard board
* Fully-wrapped sisal post
* 7.5cm extra thick solid post
* Plush covering for extra comfort
* Design for lively cat activity
* Eco-friendly sisal, naturally safe for pets

* Material: E1 standard board
* Sisal: Non-toxic
* Colour: Grey
* Overall dimensions: 123 x 45 x 45cm

Package Contents
1 x Cat Tree
1 x Assembly Kit
1 x Assembly Manual

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123cm Multi Level Cat Scratching Post - Grey
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