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Pad Eye Plates 12Pcs Stainless Steel Ceiling Hooks

  • Description:

    • Material: M5 Stainless Steel 304
    • Package Includes: Hook & Hook Turnbuckle x2pcs; Pad Eye x4pcs; Snap Hook x2pcs; Screw x16pcs

    Hardware kits are recommended to install a shade sail to any structure, tree or pole; simple to use, whenever or wherever.



    • Turnbuckle- A device for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tension systems.
    • Snap Hook- A metal loop with a spring-loaded gate, used to quickly and reversibly connect components.
    • Pad Eye- A flat metal plate with a projecting loop or ring, made all in one piece, providing an attachment point. It is secured by screwing, bolting, or welding it in place.Having the proper hardware makes installation so much easier compared to piecing it together yourself.


    Package Included:

    ✔8 * Sun Sail Accessories

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Pad Eye Plates 12Pcs Stainless Steel Ceiling Hooks
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